Our prints seem to float off the wall

Prints, photos or documents are laminated and mounted on a light, sturdy 1/8 inch thick tempered masonite board. A 3/4 inch back frame is adhered to the back and is inset 1 1/2 inches all around. This. . .


Plaquemount  (Blockmount)

Classic design

Prints are laminated and mounted on a 3/8″ high quality MDF (medium density fiberboard). The edges are beveled and a choice of trim color is applied. A keyhole is routed into the back for easy hanging.. . .



Simply elegant

Prints are laminated and mounted on a light 1/8″ masonite board. A 1 1/2″ box frame is flush mounted on the back to create a three-dimensional effect. The edge in finished with a choice of trim colour




Prints are laminated and mounted on a 1/8″ thick tempered masonite board. The edge is beveled and a choice of an attractive edge trim is applied. This is then mounted on a plaquemount, floatmount or flushmount,. . .



Art on canvas

Prints are laminated and saturated in a solution that dissolves the paper off the back. This technique allows us to transfer the image onto an artist grade canvas. The canvas art prints are stretched on. . .


Aluminum mount


Aluminum mount is ideal for photographs and fine art prints as it is a lightweight but sturdy way to display your print.The aluminum substrate is acid free which provides a long lasting protection for. . .



Pleximount / Acrylic mount


Prints are mounted on a clear 1/8″-1/4″ thick plexiglass. This can either be a corner mount or through mount. Pleximount can also be added on Floatmount , Plaquemount, Flushmount or Aluminum mount. This. . .


Plexi / Acrylic block

Crystal clear

An innovative 3 dimensional presentation of your photos. Your photo is mounted on a free standing 1” thick Plexi / Acrylic block. Each block is polish to a clear crisp perfection. Your image shines with the sides and top acting as a mirror and creating a 3 dimensional effect. The result is a seamless image reflection from face to edge. A white board covers the rear of your print, providing protection against moisture and handling. ..


Custom framing

Creative design

Let our experienced framing professional help you with your planning. We can assist you in custom framing your needle work, fine art print, sport jersey, etc. We can help you choose a design that not only work best with your art work, but also one that compliment your personality and style…